The Astrodynamics Network

First AstroNet-II Training School

"Astrodynamics of natural and artificial satellites: from regular to chaotic motions"

 Description: The school is aimed to give all ESR and ER enrolled in the AstroNet-II network a background to start working on interplanetary orbits and space missions, using the advances of celestial mechanics and dynamical system theory. The first training school covers an introduction to space manifold dynamics, the astrodynamics of small bodies, attitude and orbit control of spacecraft, optimal control theory and applications to satellite’s motion, symbolic manipulation devoted to Celestial Mechanics (e.g. formal power series expansions, multivariate polynomials, Poisson series, etc). 

A total amount of 24 hour lectures and a daily laboratories/discussions/presentations is scheduled from Monday to Thursday (the arrival is scheduled on Sunday and departure on Friday). 

Organizers: Marta Cecaroni, Alessandra Celletti, Ugo Locatelli, Isabel R. Paez (University of Roma Tor Vergata).

Location: Department of Mathematics, University of Roma Tor Vergata, Roma, Italy.

Period: 14-17 January 2013.

Schedule: 6 hours per day for a total of 24 hours (they are organized so that there will be in total 16 hours of lectures, 4 hours of laboratories, 2 hours of presentations, 2 hours of informative sessions).

Courses and Teachers: Four outstanding scientists will be invited to deliver a total of 4 hours of lectures (each one of 50 minutes, including questions). The courses and teachers are the following: 

  • Attitude Dynamics and Control.  Dr. James Biggs, University of Strathclyde.
  • KAM Theory and Applications in Celestial Mechanics. Dr. Ugo Locatelli, University of Roma Tor Vergata.
  • Astrodynamics of Asteroids. Prof. Daniel Scheeres, University of Colorado.
  • Orbital Dynamics. Prof. Phil Palmer. Surrey Space Centre, University of Surrey.
  • Symbolic Manipulation in Astrodynamics. Dr. F. Biscani, Almende B.V.

Presentations: 2 hours (1+1 hour) of a presentation session and discussion, where the students will have the possibility to present themselves.


Informative session: 2 hours (1+1 hour) of an informative meeting by associated partners discussing general or special topics, eventually linked with the secondments and internships they could provide (Astrium, ESA, Thales Alenia Space).

Registration: People interested to attend the school are requested to send an e-mail to not later than December 10, providing first name, last name, affiliation, date of arrival, date of departure.

Participation to the laboratories is limited to 25 people.

No registration fee is requested.

Hotel reservation

Each participant is required to reserve directly the hotel's room. The organization does NOT cover the hotel expenses and therefore the hotel must be paid directly by the participants.

We suggest to reserve a room at the hotel Archimede (4 stars) in Via dei Mille 19, Roma (close to Termini train station):

The price per person per night (including breakfast) is 40 euros in double room and 58 euros in single room (plus 3 Euros cash per day for the city tax).

People willing to reserve at the Archimede Hotel at the previous fare are requested to send a message to mentioning "ASTRONET SCHOOL"

WARNING: flight and hotel reservations must be done directly from the participants. The organization of the school does NOT support such expenses and it is not responsible for the reservations.

More Information

For more information, visit the school website