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Expert in GNSS reflectometry and radio-occultations



The Earth Observation Group of the Institute of Space Sciences, ICE(CSIC/IEEC) requires a researcher in the field of the GNSS remote sensing with proved experience in GNSS reflectometry (GNSS-R) and in less measure also some background experience in GNSS radio-occultations and opportunistic uses of other sources of micorwave signals for remote 
sensing applications. The person will be hired to contribute pursuing the goals of a National grant. The grant plans to develop techniques based on GNSS and other sources of opportunity, including developing sensors, low-level data processing, data analysis and validation as well as experimental field campaigns. Modelling of the scattering and/or propagation of the signals is also part of the activities.

- Development and upgrading of processing software for raw GNSS data streams, including signals reflected off the Earth surfaces or refracted by the atmosphere.

- Development and upgrading of GNSS-R modelling tools developed in software. GNSS-RO and polarimetric GNSS-RO also envisaged.

- Development or improvement of GNSS-R inversion approaches. GNSS-RO and polarimetric GNSS-RO also envisaged.

- Scientific analysis of the GNSS data sets obtained in reflectometry, radio-occultation or polarimetric radio-occultation mode.

- Contributing to provide scientific specifications for new sensors to be developed

- Contributing testing new sensors under development

- Contributing to the performance of experimental field campaigns.


High degree in Physics, Engineer or corresponding PhD,

Large experience in GNSS, GNSS-R, some experience in GNSS-RO, GNSS navigation, other sources of opportunity

Proven experience in conducting experimental field campaigns

Able to program in Fortran, F90, C, C++, python and shell-scripts

Dedication: Full time

Length of the contract: 2 years

Submission deadline: November 30, 2016.

Contact: Please send CV and letter of interest to Dr. Estel Cardellach (