Especial Christmas Seminar: The 'Climate Emergency': scientific basis, impacts and possible solutions to the first planetary human problem
Sala Alberto Lobo (ICE building, UAB Campus)
17/12/2019 - 00/00/0000
Humanity has been causing environmental problems forever and has often resolved them with great success. But in the past, these were problems faced by local populations, which were able to coordinate their activities in order to resolve them locally.

Climate change is fundamentally different, in that it is a collective problem played out in the well-mixed global atmosphere, and which can only be addressed through a globally-coordinated policy that addresses the majority of our species. Thus far, we have made essentially no tangible progress on this challenge. I will briefly discuss the scientific basis of climate change, including how greenhouse gases work, evidence for natural climate change in the past, and human emissions.

I will then review the expected impacts of climate change on a range of timescales, focusing on temperatures, food production, sea-level rise, and ecosystem alterations, as well as the reasons why the impacts will almost certainly exceed expectations. I will then discuss the possible means by which climate change can be mitigated or reversed, and how these might interact with other aspects of human activities and well-being. I will conclude that, although a daunting challenge, the climate emergency may provide the impetus required to develop a global policy that could benefit humanity in the long-term.
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