STARS: Telescope and space mission scheduling towards a multi-observatory framework
Sala Alberto Lobo (ICE building, UAB Campus)
17/01/2020 - 00/00/0000
Efficient scheduling of astronomical observatories and space missions is a challenge with an increasing complexity as the observation strategies are becoming more sophisticated and operational costs are higher. Astronomical surveys require a huge number of observations, implying the need to use efficient schedulers to fulfill and optimize specific constraints.

STARS (Scheduling Telescopes as Autonomous Robotic Systems) is a software suite developed at the institute that provides optimal schedulers for diverse infrastructures, and has been successfully applied in several ground and space-based observatories (TJO, CARMENES, CTA, ARIEL,...). STARS is based on AI algorithms and is extended to cover multi-observatory coordinated scheduling, a challenging and complex optimization problem that will allow an optimal operation of large astrophysical infrastructures to promote multi-messenger science. A light tour through the framework layers will be presented in this talk: from the requirements for different projects to the optimization algorithms used.
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