08/10/2014 - 08/10/2014
El programa científic de l’Agència Espacial Europea [NOT TRANSLATED]
Barcelona, Residència d’Investigadors CSIC-Generalitat de Catalunya
25/09/2014 - 25/09/2014
Objetos compactos y agujeros negros [NOT TRANSLATED]
Barcelona, Residència d'Investigadors CSIC
Charla de divulgación dentro de la escuela "The many faces of compact stars". Organizada por NewCompStar, CSIC & IEEC.
14/02/2014 - 00/00/0000
Para todos La 2 [NOT TRANSLATED]
15/06/2013 - 16/06/2013
Festa de la Ciencia 2013 [NOT TRANSLATED]
Parc de la Ciudatella
Vine a la Festa de la Ciencia 2013 i disfruta de activitats molt interessants!!
16/04/2013 - 28/04/2013
Exhibition “From Earth to the Universe” – April 16th-28th @ Sant Cugat
Sant Cugat, Casa de Cultura de Sant Cugat del Vallés
Description in Catalan
12/03/2013 - 00/00/0000
Visit to 1st and 2nd grade students from the Escola Montseny of Barcelona
Barcelona, Escola Montseny
Last week, we had the opportunity to visit the school Escola Montseny of Barcelona and give talk to 1st and 2nd grade students about astronomy and space sciences. The experience was unforgettable. We had a great time with the students talking about the formation and evolution of the solar system and its planets, how mankind made it to the moon, what will be the future of our world be, how and with what type of vehicles will we travel to Mars.
21/11/2012 - 21/11/2012
School Talk -2012-11-21: Space Debris: the consequences of space exploration
Caldes de Montbui, Sala Noble de Can Rius (Caldes de Montbui)
Students from the Institut Manolo Hugué and the l'Escola Pia de Caldes
26/04/2012 - 26/04/2012
CEIP Povill – Olesa de Montserrat [NOT TRANSLATED]
Olesa de Montserrat
Discovering the Solar System
29/03/2012 - 31/03/2012
XIII Exporecerca (2012)
Barcelona, Cosmocaixa
This year, the Institut d'Estudis Espacials de Catalunya, had the privilege to participate as part of the jury of the Exporecerca 2012, organized by the association MAGMA. This event occurs annually at the Cosmocaixa, where students from both national and international high schools present science projects, evaluated and graded by professionals of the field.
00/00/0000 - 30/06/2018
IEEC participation to the Sonar+D 2018 & Makers Faire Barcelona
Workshop: “How to build a Nanosat”
00/00/0000 - 14/09/2013
Son Cube – Experiment the frontiers of Space- High school student Contest
The school Escola Arrells II de Solsona has won the SonCube Competition:
00/00/0000 - 30/05/2013
Water Rocket Workshop with students from the school Font d’en Fargas
On Thursday May 30th, we visited the school Font d'en Fargas to work with 5th grade students on how rockets are launched into space. We worked explaining the physics behind rockets and, with the help of 2 liter refreshment bottles, we built water rockets and had them fly in the school's patio.
00/00/0000 - 20/03/2013
Talentlab: a different and very interesting experience
On Wednesday January 30, 2013, the workshop 'Technology in Space' of TalentLab, took place at the IEEC, which was dedicated to the co-creation of educational resources carried out jointly by teachers, researchers and professionals from other fields.
00/00/0000 - 30/01/2013
2013-01-30: Talentlab: co-creating educational resources
Nexus Builiding
TalentLab is a co-creation project that involves the scientific community, the educational and the general public. This is an experimental project that initially was designed to bring researchers and professors together and collaborate to elaborate educational resources. The second edition has opened a new line of work that includes the participation of a wider audience with the aim of involving them in the design and subsequent creation of a scientific exhibition.
00/00/0000 - 00/00/0000
07.09.2013 – SonCube’s Trip to Near Space
Pallars Sobirà, Mon Natura Pirineus
On Saturday September 7th, for its second time, the stratospheric probe SonCube will take off from MónNatura Pirineus (Planes de Son, Pallars Sobirà), driven by a helium balloon and carrying new equipment, cameras, and scientific experiments designed by high school students.
Generalitat de CatalunyaUniversitat de BarcelonaUniversitat Autònoma de BarcelonaUniversitat Politècnica de CatalunyaConsejo Superior de Investigaciones CientíficasCentres de Recerca de Catalunya