Summer Workshop on
Advanced Topics in Astrodynamics

Barcelona, July 5-10, 2004

"The Interplanetary Superhighway, an Artist's Concept"
Artist: Cici Koenig, Caltech Graphics Group. For the NASA Exploration Team, 2002
The field of Astrodynamics research is experiencing tremendous growth. Advancements in science and technology are enabling missions with much more challenging goals. In response, many new techniques have been introduced to solve these demanding new mission design problems. The purpose of this Summer Workshop is to introduce some of these new ideas to the broader community of practitioners and researchers from Space Agencies, Industry, and Universities. The hope is that through the exchange of ideas in an interdisciplinary but focused venue like this Summer Workshop, the international space community would benefit from this cross fertilization of new ideas and practical experiences. This Summer Workshop consists of six short courses of 6 hours each given by specialists in the field on the following topics: Attendees are also encouraged to present short communications to the participants of the Workshop at the daily poster sessions, especially on subjects relevant to the Workshop. A book of survey articles based on the lectures will be published shortly after the conclusion of the Summer Workshop.


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