The IEEC is focusing its efforts in studying the Earth as a planet (atmosphere, oceans, crust, etc) and the Cosmos (solar physics, planetology and interplanetary medium, stellar and galactic astrophysics, cosmology, fundamental physics, astroparticle physics, etc) using space platforms. This work is complemented with the vigorous program of theoretical, experimental / observational and numerical modeling activities to obtain the maximum profit of the data. Furthermore, the IEEC is also involved in the definition and construction of ground based instruments with the purpose to give support to the space activities and to acquire new skills able to be used in space activities.


The general objectives of the institute are to:

  • Promote astronomical and space research.
  • Become an internationally recognized center in order to attract talent and foster collaborations both national and worldwide.
  • Be an efficient agent of knowledge, innovation and technology transfer in its field.
  • Carry out science awareness to society by communicating scientific culture.