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Technician in Light Pollution


We are looking for a person with a degree and knowledge in the light pollution problem and its study. He/She will analyse the viability of making sky brightness maps extrapolating data obtained in some areas of the natural parks of Catalunya. He/She will analyse the possibility of extrapolating sky brightness measurements in areas in between the measured tracks from previous campaigns. The aim is to get a forecast of sky quality in the whole area, not only in points directly measured from motorized vehicles, extending that way the results to the maximum geographical area. The complementary modelling on some specific area (for instance Montsec) using light pollution models will be a tool to adjust and evaluate the numerical extrapolations mentioned. He/She will also support the realization of sky brightness measurements on the 2018 campaign and the sky quality data treatment.

We look for one/two Physics degree or engineer to work part time three to nine months.

Good knowledge of programming

Experience in modelling and the usage of statistical tools.

Good knowledge of English (B2 level)

Availability to travel during the sky brightness measurements campaign.

Previous experience in light pollution projects is a plus.

Driving licence and a car will be appreciated.

Contact: Lola Balaguer <>

Deadline. 30 abril. We will begin the project as soon as a suitable candidate is found.