Ground Instrumentation

CTA – Cherenkov Telescope Array

CTA is a large array of Cherenkov telescopes of different sizes, based on proven technology and deployed on an unprecedented scale. It will allow significant extension of our current knowledge in high-energy astrophysics.

CTA will detect the Cherenkov radiation coming from gamma rays that penetrate our atmosphere and disintegrate, creating cascades of matter and anti- matter particles.

High energy gamma rays tell us about the most violent phenomena in the Universe, such as supernovae explosions, pulsars, binary systems, active galaxies or can help determine the nature and origin of cosmic particles. CTA will detect radiation coming from these sources and expect to determine their nature. It is also hoped that CTA will corroborate fundamental theories in physics (non-standard models) through the indirect detection of dark matter.

An international consortium is developing CTA. IEEC’s contribution to the CTA project focuses in providing a multi-telescope versatile scheduling system able to tackle multi-mode simultaneous observations and to the electronic development of the largest cameras ever built

More information: CTA Home page