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2012-11-28 – Science, pseudoscience, and education

2012-11-28 - Science, pseudoscience, and education
Place: TBD (Facultat de Ciències, Campus UAB)
Hour: 12:00
Speaker: Daniel R. Altschuler (Facultad de Ciencias Naturales, Universidad de Puerto Rico, Río Piedras y cátedra UNESCO de la Universidad de Valencia.)
Abstract: In this seminar I will discuss a paradox of our time. Collectively, we know much more on the Universe, the life, and other research fields that Aristotle or Archimedes knew about a couple of millenia ago, and more than Newton or Darwin few centuries ago. However, a large fraction of people know much less than what these scientist knew and keep beliefs own of a Caveman. I will consider several issues that are driving people to believe in the incredible, many related with our own ways to think and ...