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25.04.2013 (IEEC)

The school Escola Arrels II de Solsona wins the SonCube contest

  • Two students from this school will be in charge of designing and constructing the experiment that will go aboard the probe 

Barcelona, 25.04.2013 Two students of this center will be responsible for designing and building the experiment that will be probed into the stratosphere.

Next September, SonCube probe driven by a helium balloon will take off for the second time from the nature center MónNatura Pyrenees (Lleida), aimed at dissemination to the public,and especially to the younger generation, the interest in experimenting and learning about  space sciences.

For this occasion, the Institute of Space Studies of Catalonia (IEEC), the University of Barcelona (UB) and Catalunya-La Pedrera Foundation participated in the contest organization “SonCube, experience  on the edge of the space “that aims at enabling a group of high school students with the most elaborate and original proposed design and build the main experiment that SonCube will carry.

The results of the contest have been announced this week: Marta Puig and Ada Fontrodona, two students of the School Arrels II from Solsona and his tutor Gerard Farràs, will have the opportunity to participate in the project from now on. They have come up with a proposal consisting of the recording and live monitoring of various gases such as ozone along the path SonCube to the stratosphere.

The jury, composed of astronomers, engineers and teachers, has also decided to award a second prize to the proposal submitted by the Institute Matadepera group, which presented a very original experiment to measure cosmic radiation, which will also be installed in the probe.

The construction of these experiments will be possible thanks to the contribution of various individuals and companies as well as  institutions through a successful crowdfunding campaign that was conducted a few months ago. The adventure of the stratospheric SonCube event promises to be a very exciting and rewarding. The launch of the probe will be from MónNatura Pyrenees and it can be seen lively through internet ( on Saturday 7 September 2013.


The probe SonCube moments before being launched from MónNatura Pirineus last august 2012  (crèdit:


Image taken during SonCube’s first flight – from an altitud of 30km (crèdit:

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