Work and training

High School Students

Summer Internships High School Students

Over the past years, the Institute has participated in educational programs that are focused on having high school students spend a few weeks at our center working with a researcher within a specific field of study, experimenting in situ the tasks, accomplishments and difficulties a researcher encounters daily. It is intended to be a first approximation to the scientific fields and to allow the student a more realistic approach of the courses he or her takes at school.

These stays are usually established by agreements between the administration and the institute, through programs such as “Contrato Empresa” or “Certamen Jovenes Investigadores del CSIC”, mainly  for high school students.

Company Contract Program

The Company Contract is an optional course that aims to approach the working world to students by showing them the reality of a working environment. This program is mainly for high schools students who are in junior or senior year and who wish to experience a previous contact with entreprises or research institutes.

The duration of the stay lasts about 70 hours and for evaluation purposes, it is equivalent to two credits.

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Young Investigators Competition

The Young Investigators Competition funded by the Spanish Research Council (Certámen Jovenes Investigadores del CSIC) tries to awaken vocations among students in high school and members of various associations. This program intends to improve scientific literacy as well as a critical rational approach in the young students, allowing them to have a direct experience in the process of knowledge generation by spending two weeks at a reseach institute or industry.

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